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AgingChoices Pro 
Engage, Convert, Close

AgingChoices Pro – Sales Funnel Optimization and Sales Conversion Tools for Senior Living Providers

Gain Valuable Insights and
Convert Prospects to Customers

AgingChoices ProSurvey

The AgingChoices ProSurvey engages prospects in a visually appealing easy-to-use experiential survey focussed on collecting information on their needs and wants.

AgingChoices Navigator​

The AgingChoices Pro Navigator is a virtual assistant built specifically for senior living and care that helps your website visitors get where they want to go quickly.

See how AgingChoices Pro engagement and conversion tools help build your sales funnel.

Are you helping prospects engage and convert to conversations in this new environment?

Simply add AgingChoices Pro Tools to your website and digital marketing channels. We work with your marketing department or digital agency to implement our technologies to help you optimize your digital marketing investment.

Valuable Tools & Data

Enhance Your Marketing Strategy

  • Measure CTA effectiveness
  • Understand prospect’s needs and wants
  • Leverage data for marketing and re-marketing
  • Customize content to meet your prospect needs

Supercharge Your Sales Team

  • Enhance & shorten the discovery
  • Accelerate the sales process
  • Personalize customer experience
  • Prioritize time effectively

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