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Are you a senior living provider and using stock photography?

Does this scenario apply to you? You are a senior living provider and you are using stock photos, most likely the same as all of your competitors. Do these pictures look familiar? Senior Couple Afternoon Tean Drinking Relax Concept Images courtesy of Shutterstock and Adobe Stock. It’s time that you reach out to a local photographer, get your residents written permission, and start taking pictures of them living in your community and doing the activities that you offer and they love. Prospects want to visualize themselves living in your community and want to know who they will be living near.

Love it or List it: The Parallels to Senior Living Sales

During the COVID-19 pandemic, we have all experienced escapism “TV” in a whole new way. I am not a big watcher of television but there is one show on HGTV that I do like to watch if I am looking for a bit of escapism. The show is called “Love it or List It”. This show has so many parallels to senior living sales. Senior living and marketing professionals can learn a lot from this TV series as well.
The True Value of Timely Data and Customer Insights in Senior Living

The True Value of Timely Data and Customer Insights in Senior Living

“I don’t want to be sold.” That’s what I told my friend during a conversation about finding senior living accommodations for my parents, who are 85 and 90. When it comes to finding the right place for my mom and dad, I don’t want to be sold something. I want to make an educated decision and choose what’s best for me and the people I love. There are so many options when it comes to aging lifestyles that, to me, it’s important to interact with someone who sees my parents as actual people—not just a potential “sale.” We created AgingChoices to

What Senior Living Communities of the Future Will Look Like

A 25-year veteran of the Senior Living industry and I recently discussed the trends and technologies that will change our industry. I was updating this executive on the critical nature of lifestyle data and why it’s important to get to know each customer on an individual basis so you can personalize their experiences.

Senior Living Sales Trends: Personalization

Every senior living conference I’ve attended over the last 12 years has shared a unifying theme: personalization is essential to all facets of the industry—whether in reference to care, customer service or anything in between. Statistics show that revenues grow exponentially when customer experience (CX) metrics improve.

We have launched a new product, AgingChoices Navigator!