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Category: Technology

Ready for Another Website Refresh?

Ready for another website revamp?

Your website isn’t performing the way you want and you are being told you need to revamp/refresh your entire website.  Does this sound familiar?  Before you begin a many months-long project like this, here is a roadmap of things you should think about and execute upon, plus the steps that you should take to right the ship. Questions to Ask Yourself: A) Look through your Google Analytics. What is your website bounce rate? What is the length of time that unique website visitors are on your website?  If your bounce rate is higher than 55%, then that is a red
Our Top 5 Favorite Software Tools

The Top 5 Software Tools for Senior Living Providers

This post contains affiliate links.  Looking to supercharge your senior living or senior care website?  Here is some of our favorite and simple software tools to use. Flywheel Do you have a WordPress website?  If so, our favorite hosting provider is Flywheel. Its admin features are simple to use, the company and technology are very reliable and most importantly, Flywheel has top-notch customer support.  Click here to learn more about Flywheel. Canva Do you find creating websites and social media graphics overwhelming?  Give Canva a try. It’s intuitive to use, has many templates to start with, and you can create

We have launched a new product, AgingChoices Navigator!