AgingChoicesPro Navigator

Empowering website visitors to find what they are looking for = more conversions

The AgingChoices Pro Navigator is a virtual guide and sales assistant built specifically for senior living and care that helps your website visitors get where they want to go quickly. 

Full-stack websites can be overwhelming so giving prospects a way to find the information they need quickly is key to building your sales funnel.

Guide prospects to where they want to go.
Capture job applicants – speed to lead

Are you leaving revenue on the table?

Research shows that businesses that use slide-in or popup website tools see 9.3% more conversions and 10% less visitor abandonment. 

Sumo Group, Inc. 2020

Click Analytics

"Providing a personalized experience is a hallmark of Juniper Communities. Engaging consumers, understanding where they are in their journey and offering them the best overall experience possible is key for our success. Juni helps our website visitors get where they want to go quickly."
Cindy Longfellow
Vice President of Business Development, Sales, and Marketing at Juniper Communities

Get to know Navigator


  • 24/7 Virtual Assistant
  • Customizable to your branding
  • Configurable CTAs
  • Schedule a visit tool
  • Customizable onsite functionality
  • Navigator Click Analytics to see what is working and what is not


  • Guide your website visitors
  • Help prospects get the answers they need
  • Improve customer experience
  • Convert more traffic to inquiries
  • Build a strong sales funnel
  • Configurable for different service levels and pages